Top Common Dental Questions You Should Ask

Everybody knows that sugar isn’t good for the teeth. And although we cannot entirely avoid it, we can at least try to lower the daily intake. Hundreds of bacteria live in the human mouth, but not all of them are bad; some of them work for our oral benefit. When we take sugary food, we provide food for all harmful bacteria that live in our mouths.

Sugar makes the mouth acidic and that state, after a while, will ruin the enamel that protects the inner tooth layers. Teeth start decaying, and cavities keep destroying the tooth until there is an actual hole in them. If you don’t treat cavities, besides the excruciating pain, you can even lose you’re your tooth.

How Much Sugar is in My Favorite Foods?

The answer to this question will worry you, and that’s good if it means that you will reduce your consummation of unhealthy foods. The World Health Organization recommends up to 5% of sugar intake per day, and if we’re realistic, most people take much more than that.

For instance, a 12oz bottle of Coca-Cola has 39g, sweet tea (same size) has 22g, your favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop (again 12 oz) contains 29g, a chocolate bar has 27g, a cupcake has 20g, one package of candies such as M&M has 31g.

These numbers are seriously big, and if we speak honestly, most people won’t stop at one cupcake, one bottle of their favorite soda drinks and so on.

How Much Sugar Should We Consume Each Day?

While someone can eat five cupcakes, a chocolate bar, drink several glasses of soda drink and sweet tea, without any harm, this combination can be lethal for others.

The maximum daily intake for men should be limited to 9 teaspoons (37.5 grams) and 6 teaspoons (25 grams) for women. Take this recommendation with a grain of salt, because these numbers work well only for people who are physically active, have a normal weight and have good health.

Artificial sugars don’t do anything for your organism, other than satisfying your need for the taste. Make sure to limit your intake of foods that are rich in sugars, and instead consume fruits.

Why is Sugar Bad for Your Teeth?

As the bad bacteria feed on sugar and create acid, our teeth get cavities that with time can destroy the tooth to a point where it cannot be saved (if it isn’t treated on time). When your mouth is acidic,  bad bacteria consume the enamel minerals, ruining it (it protects the tooth) and catalyzing the decay process. This is called demineralization.

Kill Sugar by Brushing!

So, sugar is quite harmful, but apparently, it is not easy to cut it out entirely from your diet. In case you decide to limit it, you should still take care of your oral hygiene and brush your teeth regularly (it will put your mouth in balanced pH level), chew sugar-free gums and above all eat healthier foods and drink plenty of water.

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Sugar Destroys Your White Teeth

If you want to have the white teeth, then cutting sugar will be a must. But sometimes you don’t have to all of the cut sugar, instead what you can do is get a recommended teeth whitening kit, which may just do the job.

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How Safe Are Dental X-rays?

Dental x-rays will give your dentist a clear picture of your overall jaw and teeth condition. Contrary to popular beliefs, this is a safe procedure. Yes, there is some radiation, but the dose is too low that it cannot damage your health seriously.

So, if you are concerned whether you should do it, talk to your dentist first (offer your old dental X-rays, and if they could help your dentist, you might not have to do the procedure again). Don’t be afraid to do it, just think of the fact that you don’t do this procedure every day but only when it’s really necessary.

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