6 Interesting Dental Facts About Teeth

Have you ever thought about what is true or false when it comes to oral hygiene and your teeth? Sure, it’s a grey area and something none of us can claim to be one hundred percent sure about. But for your information, there are many things that are just the truth, and we are going to look into those.

Let’s start with a significant fact. Keeping your mouth clean in the right way can make all the difference to your overall health. Did you know that oral hygiene keeps heart attacks and strokes at bay by reducing bacteria levels heading for the digestive tract? Well, it’s true, so keep brushing and water flossing.

But we want to unveil some of those myths that could influence your dental care decisions. There are few things worse than making uninformed choices, some of which could have irreversible consequences.

What You Need to Know About Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Serve No Purpose

Many of you have certainly encountered a dentist who was adamant about the fact that your wisdom teeth serve no purpose and will cause you significant pain at some point or other.

Is this true?

Well, they come from a time when our ancestors had to chew abrasive foodstuffs. In some cases, the food they ingested was raw. Also, their jaws were larger, providing ample room for these so-called defunct molars.

Presently, we have a better-prepared diet that does not need the same amount of chewing, as was the case a long time ago. But are they still useful? Here, the general rule of thumb is that if they do not bother you, leave them be. Remember, once something is gone, it is very difficult to replace.

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Tooth Whitening Destroys Your Teeth

Many people suggest that if you use bleaching agents on a regular basis, your teeth will decay until you have none left.

This is not the case. The small amount of hydrogen peroxide contained in whitening products may make your teeth feel sensitive at times, but it will not lead to tooth decay and ultimately the toothless mouth. Here the general rule of thumb is to follow your dentist’s advice for the best results.

Keep in mind that there are different types of whitener kits for those who have sensitive teeth.

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Is Too Much Sugar in Soft Drinks and Sweets the Primary Cause of Tooth Decay?

Naturally, too much of the sweet stuff is bad for you. And yes, rinse your mouth after imbibing in that sugary drink or chocolate bar, but do not brush immediately.

However, the main culprit is the bacteria in your mouth that feeds off of the sugar and breaks it down. What happens is that sucrose sticks to the teeth, increasing the chance for cavities.

But if you thought that soda was the real bad boy, think again. The real culprit is the carbohydrates found in junk food, but just for your information, healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables fall into this grouping.

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Flossing is a Waste of Time?

Washing Your Teeth Fact

Some people actually claim that brushing your teeth is enough. However, the regular toothbrush cannot reach about 30 percent of the tooth’s surface. The bacteria lodged in those nooks and crannies can cause as much damage as anything on the visible surface. So, yes, flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene.

Bleeding Gums Are Nothing to Worry About?

As long as it doesn’t hurt I have nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Some dentists consider the gums to be the most important part of our mouths. Think about it from a more practical angle. You wouldn’t build a house on a shoddy foundation.

And the same goes for your gums.

Bleeding or swollen gums are the first signs of tooth decay. Also, it can lead to other things such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, if left untreated the bacteria can attack the bone underneath.

If they bleed, seek out your dentist.

This leads to another myth that can be included in this section. Why brush your baby’s teeth; they’re going to fall out anyway? For the answer to that one, have a brief reread of the above section because infants have gums too.


And Here’s Something Interesting. Every Tooth is Unique

No two are the same. So, there is some truth that each smile is exceptional and guys, women do it about three times more than we do in a single day.

It is most likely that your dental practitioner will know what he or she is talking about, so don’t skimp or think it’s a waste of time, just go for a checkup.

Bonus: You Don’t Need a Dental Plan

It’s true, but why take the risk? Root canals cost’s in thousands of dollars and unless you brush your teeth daily and take care of them it may be hard to avoid dentists. Having an affordable dental insurance is highly recommended.

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