Top Water Pick & Flossers with Review (2022 Updated)

When it comes to matters oral hygiene, you’ve got our 100% attention. We understand and acknowledge the role that dental health plays in our lifestyle. Poor hygiene adversely affects your relationships; chances are that people will avoid being around you.

We help you live your fullest in every manner possible. It’s because of that that we have made it our business to discover products and services that can help you have strong and healthy teeth. Unlike some two or three decades back, we are lucky to access products to help you with that.

Studies have shown that a percentage of the population do not smile because of their teeth. That’s sad, not when the market is bursting with a variety of options for teeth health. Brushing your teeth daily with toothpaste, using whiteners, flossers, and regular checkups is a list of things to achieve beautiful, healthy, and strong teeth. We need your smile to brighten up our world.

In this review, we are letting you in on some of the best water pick and flossers available for your teeth. Included is their analysis and qualities to look for when purchasing one, between water flossers and traditional methods what you need to know. Read on to discover more.

Reviewing the Best Flossers & Water Picks

Waterpik Aquarius WP 660 & 662 – Amazon’s Favorite Choice


  • It’s American Dental Association (ADA) accepted
  • It’s a countertop model
  • Comes with 7 different tips
  • ON/OFF button on the handle
  • You can pause for 30 seconds
  • Has up to 10 pressure settings
  • The most advanced in the market
  • Professionally designed and easy to use
  • It’s available in three color varieties turquoise, black and pink.
  • Water reservoir capacity can run for 90 seconds
  • Has a 3-year warranty period

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Waterpik Aquarius is among the most popular water flosser brands available in the market. They are lauded as having invented the water flosser. It’s among the most advanced picks with features designed to improve their efficiency. For instance, they have 10 pressure settings. Ranging from 10 to 100 PSI.

The professionally designed flossers have seven different tips with a reservoir capable of holding up to 22 ounces of water, and which can run for up to 90 seconds. It comes with a three year guarantee.

The ADA approved countertop picks offer a host of benefits perfect for improving your teeth health and hygiene. Research has shown that it’s more useful compared to the dental flosser.

They are helpful for plaque removal, whitening and people with implants and braces. The first sign of improvements will start showing somewhere after the second week. The only disadvantage – they are not waterproof, and the voltage setting is only compatible for use in North America.

Poseidon Oral Irrigator – Amazing Cleaning


  • It’s cordless
  • Light and compact
  • Universal voltage compatible
  • Portable
  • Has rechargeable batteries
  • FDA approved and BPA –free.
  • Waterproof
  • Two tips
  • Can store up to 4 oz.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

The ToiletTree(Poseidon) oral irrigator is a cordless floss and among the best. It stands out because of the benefits it offers. It’s lightweight and compact pick, making suitable for fitting into your bag – the ideal especially if you’re traveling. The other advantage is its ease of use.

Poseidon irrigators are perfect for use across the globe thanks to their universal voltage setting. That means whether you’re deep in the Congo forest, or in the US you’ll still get to floss. The powerfully designed pick has 3 pressure modes – pulse, normal and soft. It has a modern design, and will securely fit in your hand. It’s also water resistant.

It’s quite powerful, with rechargeable batteries. On a full charge, it can go for between 1 and 2 weeks – that’s if you’re flossing up to three times a day. It has two ports and can store up to 5 oz. (150ml) of water.

Panasonic EW-DJ10 – Perfect for Teeth


  • Cordless
  • Friendly for use for both adults and children
  • Cleans plaque and removes bacterial
  • Portable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Collapsible design
  • Easy to use

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Panasonic EW-DJ10 flosser is a product of the electronics giant Panasonic. The cordless pick has two pressure settings. The normal pressure setting, suitable for day to day use by adults and gentle which is perfect for children and people with sensitive gums. It’s also cordless with a collapsible design. To add, it’s lightweight and compact. All these features combined make it the best for carrying while traveling.

It’s not rechargeable; therefore no need to have a cord with you. You only need a set of AA Batteries, and you’ll be good to go. The reservoir capacity isn’t as big and can hold up to 5.5 oz of water. For durability, it’s 100% waterproof.

It makes up to 1400 pulses per minute, and has a jet water pump. It’s quite powerful and effective at removing plaque and killing bacteria. It’s easy to use and fills up water quickly. You’ll enjoy a 2 year limited warranty period.

Waterpik WP-900 – Most Efficient


  • Has Sonic toothbrush technology
  • It combines toothbrush and flosser
  • Up to 10 different pressure settings
  • Has 5 tips
  • Large water reservoir capacity

Our Rating: 9.2/10

The Waterpik WP-900 is among the most efficient picks available today. Although it only ships to select countries outside the USA and its voltage setting is compatible for use in North America only. WP -900 is also a product by Waterpik, innovators of water flossers. Therefore, it’s quite advanced in its design.

It’s a combination water pick, with sonic toothbrush technology, flosser and whitening capabilities. It comes with 10 pressure settings which allow you to adjust to your preferred setting. The reservoir can run for up to 90 seconds.

It stores around 22 oz. of water. It has 5 tips included, 2 classics, 1 orthodontic, 1 Pik pocket, and 1 plaque seeker tip. It also fitted with 2 brush varieties, standard and the compact brush head. Overall, the wp-900 is quite effective in its cleaning and comes with a 2 year guarantee period. The only challenge would be that it’s a bit loud.

Why Do You Need a Water Flosser (Oral Irrigators)?

Water Pick Being Used

Water flossers are not only simple to use but are also faster and with more benefits. Brushing doesn’t reach the hard to clean areas or remove all the bacteria, while dental floss is uncomfortable and painful to use for some. To rub the sides of every tooth, whiten teeth or reach the tight spaces, you’ll have to invest in more than toothpaste and your toothbrush.

You need a water flosser for that. They are readily available in the market and in a variety of models which are customizable to fit your preferences, as you can use a tip that compliments your needs.


Just how effective is a water flosser? Flossing is better, and it does some good for every tooth. There’s string and water flossing, both good but one with more benefits over the other, which we’ve discussed in this section – Water Flossing vs. Traditional. Focus here is on the effectiveness of the water flosser.

A jet stream of water under high pressure, which you can adjust to your preference helps clean your teeth. There are times that you’ve had or seen people with biofilm. It forms because you need more than brushing.

The water jet will remove this layer of plaque that builds on your tooth just before the gums. It’s for this reason that a water flosser is considered more effective.

Brushing or string flossers will not be as effective in removing the plaque. The string may help, but it causes a lot of discomforts that include bleeding and doesn’t achieve the desired results.

Reviewing Different Types of Flossing Models

Cordless Device for Flossing

In this review, we have highlighted the different water flosser models, their benefits and disadvantages. There’s no saying which one is top-rated since each has its flaws and advantages.

The features included in the models are varied, including their prices. There are three flosser types’ cordless, combination and countertop.

The three are categorized according to use and efficiency. We have explored them further in the next section. It’s vital to recognize your needs and preferences as they will determine which model you’ll choose to use.

There is a range of products available in the market under each model. This is to increase compatibility and benefits that you get to enjoy.


Cordless water picks are great because of the efficiency they offer. Remember the days that you’d skip flossing just because you had traveled? Or didn’t have one because you don’t have enough bathroom space for storing your water pick?

Not anymore since things have certainly changed. You can floss at home, or anywhere else you desire. If you’re traveling, you’ll just put your cordless pick in your bag, and you’ll be good to go.

It’s suitable for travel or outside home use because the reservoir is built in. It has a battery that will require some charging, which may be considered a slight shortcoming. But at least you don’t have to deal with cables anymore!

Compared to the other models the water pressure is slightly lower and the reservoir smaller. However, for a portable device, it’s quite perfect as it’s very compact and lightweight. If recharging isn’t convenient for you, there’s the option of replacing batteries whenever necessary.


Cordless Flosser

The countertop is a “more advanced cordless” as it has more features, pressure settings, and a bigger water reservoir. They can be found in different sizes each with its own attributes. The countertop has a pressure that ranges from 10 to 100 PSI, which is better than the cordless that ranges from around 45 to 75 PSI.

The flossers’ water reservoir as mentioned is bigger and ranges from approximately 15 to 22 ounces. This gives you a longer flossing time. Although it depends on the pressure of the water on average countertop picks will run from anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes, an example is the Waterpik countertop varieties. Unlike the cordless model that may require refilling before complete flossing, with the countertop, it will be enough, therefore no need to refill.

Although the countertop variety comes with better and more advanced features, it still offers some challenges. It’s not as portable as we would love it to be. However, family members can share since it comes with multiple tips.


The combination models can be described as two products in one for a complete tooth care routine. It combines a water flosser and an electric toothbrush for more effective teeth cleaning, better health, and hygiene.

The two together also does some good on saving storage space, for instance, you don’t have to have many cords, one is enough for the pick and toothbrush.

The electronic toothbrush comes with a variety of features, and you can choose the one that suits you. Good examples are the two options offered by Waterpik, and you’ll select between an oscillating and sonic brush options. Each is designed to provide its sets of benefits and level of efficacy.

A water pick is part of this combination, cleaning the toothbrushes’ hard to reach areas. Using a jet of high pressured water, it will reach the tight spaces in your teeth and remove any dirt. The levels of water pressure and reservoir size vary according to the combination model that you opt to use.

Qualities of High Quality Water Pick

How do you settle on the most recommended water pick? Like any other product that you’ll purchase for personal use, it’s vital to understand your preferences. It’s what will guide you in choosing the product of your choice.

When buying water picks, there are qualities that you’ll need to watch out for, which in most cases often complement your needs. We’ve discussed them in detail in the following sections;

Ease of Use

Amazing to Use

When picks were first introduced into the market, it consisted of a regular string. This quite frankly offers some discomfort to your teeth mainly if you’re not used to flossing. Although dental floss is still widely used in the market, today, majority prefer water flossers because they are less messy and painful. Water picks are quite easy to use.

They don’t really require much time when cleaning but instead saves. The different models of flossers each have their procedure for use. Depending on your needs, you’ll choose the one that will suit you.

Every type is designed to suit a particular occasion. For instance, when traveling, most of us tend to forgo flossing because we couldn’t carry the one at home or are not comfortable just buying any. The cordless pick is suitable for such a situation, and this is because it’s lightweight, compact and with a rechargeable battery making it ideal for use anywhere outside your home should need be.

The countertop and combination are perfect for home use. In fact, they are fitted with several tips which make it easy for more than one person to use, such as in families. Therefore, depending on your circumstances, use a pick that will complete your situation.

Adequate & Efficient

Every water flosser is designed with a unique set of features to improve its adequacy and efficacy. There are two critical factors to consider primarily on the two, that’s the water pressure and reservoir capacity. Pressure ranges from between 10 to 100 PSI. A higher pressure level is regarded as the highest rated by a majority.

Therefore, if you desire a higher pressure level, it would be best to get a pick that can offer that. For the pick to serve its purpose, the water pressure should be high enough to remove the debris from your tooth.

The water reservoir capacity depends on the flosser that you buy. For the cordless varieties, although efficient in their own right, they have some disadvantages one being the reservoir capacity. If you don’t fancy having to continually refill while flossing then get a reservoir with a bigger space and that can run for up to 90 seconds without requiring a refill.

Some picks will force you to refill a couple of times before you can complete flossing which is not efficient and adequate. It forces you to spend more time flossing. Note however that the water pressure plays a role in determining the actual length of time that you’ll spend.


Storage is a key feature that needs to be considered when selecting the top-quality water pick of your choice. Some models offer advantages when you have limited space while others will not just work.

As mentioned before, each model has its unique features. One such feature is the ability to fit in small areas including inside a bag especially when traveling.

The cordless type works best when there’s limited space. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t have cables and it’s compact makes it spot on. It has a battery which you can recharge from time to time, or you can buy one that uses replaceable batteries. You’ll identify the one that works best since recharging can prove tricky for some.

The countertop and combination varieties are not so good for space. When there’s enough, they can work best. The combination model although it requires a bit of space, it does save on some.

It’s because it contains both the toothbrush and pick, which saves on a good amount of space unlike if they were separate. Therefore, when making a purchase, consider the available storage space then make your choice as to which can be a perfect fit.

Exceptional Customer Support

Helpful Guide and Support

The selling point of any product usually lies in the customer support. We’ve found that at times, you may be providing a product that people will love but the disconnect between support and it can prevent significant sales. It’s the same with picks. As you buy one, we can’t emphasize just how invaluable customer support will be.

Flossers are sensitive products, which if not applied correctly can lead to more harm than good. Exceptional customer support is, therefore, among factors that must be considered.

Why do you need support? You make your purchase; on reaching home you encounter challenges. Challenges, in this case, can be make it hard to use the product, defectiveness of the pick, or it just isn’t working for you. What happens then? It’s at this point that customer support comes in handy.

You’ll need to have some adjustments made, and support are the ones who will help you out. In fact other than making exchanges they also guide you on which product to buy.

They should inform you in detail the design features included in each pick, assisting you to identify the right one for you. From pricing, warranty and any other aspect regarding that water flosser should be disclosed to you by the support.

Great Reviews

Great reviews will be an essential resource in informing your decision, but we say this with caution. This is because we have varied tastes and preferences. This implies that whatever works for your teeth may not necessarily be the best for someone else.

It doesn’t, however, change the fact that reviews from other users will be of help. Other than efficiency and benefits, there’s a lot you can get from going through reviews. Information such as warranty, service delivery, and functionality are often well captured in the customer reviews.

One way you can familiarize yourself with a brand is by going through their customer reviews. Take time to check reviews from multiple sources. Most of the times, you’ll find that the comments reflect the reality of what’s indeed happening.

Great reviews will guide you identify the brand that works for you, offers fair pricing, great products with a guarantee. Reviews help you find a product that comes with more and advanced features that are affordable.

However, don’t just go for a brand just for its popularity, get a product that suits your lifestyle. Stay away from brands with bad reviews.


Warranty for Oral Cleaning

There’s no guarantee that the flosser you purchase will work for you or not have any defects. That’s why we insist that you get one with a warranty. There are times you’ll find that the water flosser you purchase doesn’t function or complement your preferences and needs as advertised. Under such circumstances, the warranty is what will help you get refunded or have product exchanged for an effective one.

The warranty period is among the list of things you’ll check before buying your pick. The highest quality products come with a guarantee period of at least a year or two. Warranty will protect you from challenges that come about after buying such as defects.

The majority of the products you find in the market today have guarantees for consumer protection. This is because you’ll find hidden errors, or the product doesn’t work as presented or it’s not for you. That’s why a guarantee is essential.

The durability is also vital; you don’t want to get a water pick that will spoil as soon as you start using it. Considering it’s a product frequently used with water we advise getting one with a waterproof feature.

Water Flossing vs. Traditional

Cleaning Your Teeth With Water Reviewed

In 1819, a dentist from New Orleans invented the first form of teeth floss. Later on, in 1898, it became commercially available, but Johnson and Johnson’s corporation was the first to get a patent in 1898. As you can see, flossing has quite a history and has gone through so much transformation over the century.

Let’s start with brushing, although it cleans your teeth, it’s not sufficient for implementing oral hygiene. There are areas that your toothbrush will fail to reach such as the molars and pre-molars at the back of your mouth. It’s also not sufficient for removing plaque or whitening your teeth.

When it comes to various flossing methods, there’s a lot that has changed. String flossers force you to put your fingers in the mouth which isn’t hygienic, and it tends to get messy. This is because you’ll find your gums bleeding and they get very sensitive.

They can hurt especially if you haven’t known how to use one. The mess and pain are some of the reasons why the water picks were invented. The water pick offers more benefits when compared to both dental floss and brushing.

The high pressure stream of water will remove plaque, bacteria, and even whiten your teeth among other benefits. Unlike the string floss, it’s easier to use. You only need to point a jet stream of water into your mouth, and you’ll be okay. But be sure to follow the right procedure for use.

Our Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that the health of your teeth is essential to your overall wellbeing. Think of the times that you’ve had a bad tooth and how difficult it was for you to eat. Not eating is not ideal for good health. To achieve teeth hygiene, there are steps that we take such as brushing, whitening, and flossing.

Research has shown that a percentage of the population feel uncomfortable smiling because of the state of their teeth. This could be due to various reasons that include not being white enough or has biofilm among others. But at least there are ways you can improve their state.

In this review, the focus is on water picks and flossers, their purpose, effectiveness and the qualities to look for when making a purchase. We have also highlighted the differences that exist between water and traditional flosser methods.

There are five water picks listed which we consider to be the highest quality, and can efficiently suit your preferences.

Which water pick model works for you? There are three types cordless, countertop and combination each with its unique features. The pressured water will do an excellent job of whitening and cleaning your teeth. Water flossing is a good idea, and one of our five best picks may turn out to be the perfect flosser.

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