Top Teeth Whitener Strips with Reviews

Having a smile with white and healthy teeth will always be the best accessory no matter what you wear. It makes people notice you, it makes you feel confident, and above all, a big pearly white smile puts you in a better mood.

People were always trying to find a way how to whiten their teeth. Today the market offers so many products that sometimes is hard to pick one, but we managed to do it. Our review is dedicated to top whitener strips, which turned out to be the best and fastest way to pearly smile.

Whitener strips are super easy to use, they work fast and don’t require any special preparation. The one we picked for our review is safe for the enamel, it’s easy for application and showed results after only several uses, and we couldn’t be happier.

Using the top-rated whitening strips is excellent because you can do it anywhere and anytime and get fast results. We know how fast lives most people lead, so we decided to recommend products that won’t take your time.

Reviewing the 5 Highest Quality Strips to Whiten Teeth

Crest 3D White Professional Effects – Best & Most Recommended


  • Removes stains (layered for 14 years)
  • Use daily per 30 minutes
  • First results in 3 days
  • Full results in 20 days
  • Advanced Seal Technology
  • Strips mold to teeth
  • Will last for a year

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Crest 3D White Professional Effects is the most efficient whitening strip that will clean even the most persistent food stains. It can clean stains that were layering on your teeth in the past fourteen years. We are amazed by its power. We loved how easy it was to apply a strip; they don’t fall off, in fact, once you apply it on it grips firmly. During the whitening time (thirty minutes) you can easily talk and even drink water.

These strips that whiten teeth were specially made to mold on, so you will not feel any discomfort while the process is going on.

It is applied every day for thirty minutes, and we were able to see the first difference after the third use. Twenty days later, we were able to see a complete result – our teeth were several shades whiter, and they were visibly cleaner from all the coffee, drinks, food and even cigarettes we had in the past. The package has enough strips to last for a full year and then some.

Reviewing How Teeth Whitening Strips Work

Strips Whiten Enamel

You may be tired from all those commercials about whitening your teeth that barely work, but still, want to try something that will help you get rid of those persistent stains.  If that’s the case, you’ll be interested in whitening strips and how they work. This is a fast and cheaper way than most whiteners and it may help you whiten your teeth fast and without any risks.

The strips are recommended for people who have moderate staining and want to change their already naturally white teeth to an even shinier white nuance. Let’s see how they work and what you need to know before you start this process.

The Chemicals

Strip whiteners use a flexible plastic substance; it is covered with a thin layer of whitening gel, which in most cases contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and contains about 10% concentration. The moment the strip is applied on, the gel presses on the surface and instantly molds on the teeth (you will feel that the strip is practically glued on that’s how well it sticks on). During the recommended time for the process (in most cases around half an hour) the gel does its job the best way possible.

And while the hydrogen peroxide concentration is quite low, there is a risk of damaging the enamel. However, it rarely happens. The chemicals that are often used may cause teeth and gum sensitivity after the first use, like periodontitis, and in other cases, they may even cause opening caries.  However, when you use the strip, you don’t have anything to fear because the small concentration is safe for your oral health.

In case you have porcelain bridges or crowns, you need to know that the strip whiteners will not whiten them up; keep in mind that your dentist made them according to your natural tooth color, so if they are visible a difference in the nuance will be noticeable.

The Adhesive

When you apply the strip on you’ll feel how they instantly mold to your teeth and you’ll have a feeling that they are glued on them. Whitener strips contain PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) which is an adhesive polymer and carbomer; it is a gelling agent that provides the gel with adhesion properties. This is the combination that firmly holds the strip to its place, which is why you don’t feel any discomfort after you apply it on. You can speak and drink water during those thirty minutes.

You may hear that a strip wasn’t gripping tight and it may happen (perhaps with older models) in case you haven’t prepared your teeth well. So, make sure teeth are dry (don’t run your tongue over them) by using a clean towel or sharply inhale with your mouth open. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry as well. One thing that you must not do is brush your teeth before applying the strip; this may cause gum irritations.

The strip will glue well thanks to the components and if you feel that it doesn’t stick well, gently adjust it, but don’t use your tongue to do it.

Our Warning and Safety Guide to Using Strips

Tissue and Gums

Gums Analysis

Most contain minimal amounts of chemicals which have no risk of damaging your teeth or gums. However, the bleaching agent that is hydrogen peroxide is a harsh chemical and is the best if you don’t abuse it (use it longer than recommended). The bleaching agent in whitening strips is still a harsh chemical which can cause some damages to the gums and the softer tissues in your mouth. When you apply the strip make sure it doesn’t come in contact with the gums.

Before you peel the strip off from the protective foil, make sure you do a measurement; if it is too big, cut the excessive part because you don’t want to expose your gums to contact with hydrogen peroxide for half an hour. 

Sensitive Teeth

This is one of the most asked questions – whether you should use this product if you have sensitive or even damaged teeth. Again, all whiteners are safe for moderate use, and if you follow the instructions, you’ll get the top results. It is not recommendable to overdo it (don’t prolong the time of use) because even a little crack in the enamel or any other type of sensitivity can be turned into bigger damage or ache. This is a significant risk of permanent damage.

Avoid the strips if the enamel is anyhow ruined (eroded, cracked, and so on); it will be hurtful and you will speed up the decaying process, causing severe damage not only on the surface but to the lower parts as well. You may even lose a tooth. So make sure you take the most recommended steps before you begin the process.

Don’t Over Do It

Following the instructions is the first step towards having an accomplished mission. Many people think that if they prolong the recommended time they are speeding up the whitening process, when in fact they are only putting their oral health at risk. So, if the instructions say that you ought to keep the strips glued on for half an hour, then follow the rule and remove the piece after that time. By letting them stay on for an hour, you aren’t setting yourself for a faster result.

Another thing that people often ask is whether they should keep the strips overnight and of course, the answer is no. Never keep them on longer than the recommended time because the results won’t be better and you are at risk of harming your soft tissues, your gums, and your enamel.

Consider Your Dental History

History of Your Teeth Audit

Although they are safe to use, the strips should be only applied if you’re sure that your teeth are in excellent condition. Your dental history is of great importance because not everyone should use this product. In case you’re in the middle of treatment (open root canals, drilled enamel or pulp, toothache, or any other issue) you should avoid using this product.

Also keep in mind that the strips are not going to change the color of your bridges or crowns (especially if they are made of porcelain) no matter how long you use them.

The highly recommended way to be sure whether you are safe to use is to ask your dentist for advice and of course to have a detailed check-up.

Strength of Products Will Vary

Of course, not every brand offers the same quality. Almost all of the strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide as the best whitening agent. If you want to be sure what product will offer the highest quality, always check the amount of the ingredients and do a comparison. If the product contains a bigger concentration of hydrogen peroxide, then you can be sure that it will provide you with the desired results.

The trick here is that even though it will work efficiently, a product with higher level of peroxide may cause some gum and tooth sensitivity. So if you want to have the perfect result just like you would with a professional treatment make sure to pick a product such as the one we reviewed.

Trust Brands with Positive Customer Reviews

Trust Only Great Brands

Before you get your strips whiteners make sure you do a research on the topic. We were curious to read reviews for some of the greatest products, which is how we did our final choice for today’s review. You can find many brands online that will do their best to get your attention; not always a brand that is popular will offer you a safe product, and you will know that by reading customer reviews.

Even if a few people claim that their mouth was irritated after the use, then you might want to avoid this product. Besides you read the ingredients and the instructions, always trust a brand with satisfied clients; this is a better commercial than any paid one. Brands like Crest 3D White Professional Effects, are safe to use, work fast, show results and will not leave your mouth irritated.

At the end of the day, before you decide to invest in a highest quality strip, always do a dentist check-up and consultation, because that is the critical step before you do anything else.

Our Final Thoughts

We reviewed a brand of top-quality whitening strips that showed fast results and that was quite fast for use. In general, most similar strips are safe to use and offer a good cleaning of long-term stains; the best thing is to follow the instructions and to use the strips carefully.

This is the fastest and the cheapest way to change your teeth color within a few weeks. Always read what the product contains, make sure you don’t extend the recommended time and be sure that your overall mouth is in good condition before you glue on the strip.

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