Top Teeth Whiteners for Very Sensitive Teeth

We all desire to have that beautiful smile. One way of getting that smile is by simply getting a whitener. Well, it gives you a reason to want to show those teeth with every opportunity you get.

A while back, brightening wasn’t an easy task. A visit to the dentist was a must and of course at an insanely ridiculous price.

Today, the whole process is more straightforward, shorter and cheaper. It’s as easy as inquiring over the counter. The challenge, however, is that most whiteners have contributed to having a sensitive tooth for some people.

Top-rated whiteners are good, and in fact, some have ingredients that can help make your teeth grow stronger. Like any other products we use in our day to day life, compatibility is essential.

That means before purchasing a whitener ensure that it compliments your lifestyle. It’s that knowledge that can help you find a product that will be perfect for you.

Regardless of what the discomfort may be, there is something for everyone. In this article, the focus is on highest quality whiteners suitable for individuals with sensitive enamels.

Included is the overall rating and link to the product.

3 Highest Quality Whitening Systems for Sensitive Teeth

Alta White – Best Results


  • It’s a powder
  • You don’t need a trip to the dentist – it’s a DIY- kind of procedure
  • Whitens and polishes at the same time
  • Keeps plague away – reducing trips to the dentist
  • Applying takes a few minutes and in 3 easy steps
  • You’ll have your answer in 6 days
  • All at a pocket-friendly price

Our Ratings: 9.8/10

Alta White offers the best results as early as the sixth day, and it doesn’t require much. The powder is available over-the-counter which saves you a trip to the dentist.

It’s quite affordable and doesn’t have side effects making it perfect for individuals with sensitive enamels. Unlike the lengthy dental procedures, Alta White takes three easy steps, doable in a couple of minutes. It offers other benefits which include polishing and keeping plaque at bay.

That automatically also converts to fewer trips to the dentist and reducing expenses on your end.

For best results, Alta white will give you that “celebrity smile.” You get bright and healthy teeth doing it all yourself. To most, it will appear professionally done.

It’s a fantastic product, I recommend especially to those with a sensitive tooth, and it is available at a pocket-friendly price.

Idol White – Awesome Whitening Pen



  • It takes a couple of seconds to apply
  • You don’t need to see a dentist – you can do it yourself and quite well
  • It makes it white and clean
  • It’s a USA made product

Our Ratings: 9.6/10

Idol White whitener gives you clean and white teeth for an amazing smile. What’s even more remarkable is that you apply it yourself in three simple steps and within a couple of seconds.

After using it for a while, you’ll have clean white teeth that look and feel professionally maintained. The USA made whitener doesn’t require a visit to the dentist; you can even purchase it online and apply on your own.

First, you brush your enamel, then twist the pen to dispense the gel and finally applying it. It’s that easy to use Idol Whitening Pen.

Also, it’s an excellent alternative for persons with a sensitive tooth. Other people who can benefit from it include anyone with yellow stained enamel from coffee or smoking or just aging.

It will be white and cleaner for the celebrity smile without having to necessarily make several trips to and spend thousands of dollars at the dentists.

Bella Laboratories – Ideal Whitening System


  • No to plaques
  • No dentist needed
  • Less costly
  • Result – Looks and feels professionally done
  • Result – You’ll get the Hollywood smile

Our Ratings: 9.4/10

You don’t have to dread the idea of whitening anymore. If it’s the cost, time or the side effects, all of them are taken care of by Bella laboratories, – the perfect system.

The whitener is available online. You’ll spend significantly less as it’s available at pocket-friendly pricing.

What makes it unique? Apart from whitening it also cleans removing plaque. That’s a bonus. Using this product gives you the opportunity to provide yourself with the perfect attractive smile without having to seek professional help.

The result is a healthy looking and feeling.

If you have experienced past issues with sensitivity, this might be the answer. Some products tend to encourage the sensitive nature, but with Bella, it’s the opposite.

You get white enamel even with high sensitivity levels and without experiencing any discomfort. Have yellow stains but can’t do anything because of a sensitive tooth, Bella products can help you out.

Tooth Health Concerns and Risks

Sensitivity Causes and Solutions

When it comes to our oral hygiene, in general, there’s a lot we should be cautious about. Dental care, in particular, is a rather sensitive subject. A lot of times we will desire services to enhance the health and look, which are not only costly but could have adverse effects on your well-being. Selecting between which products are best to use is also essential.

With your preferences in mind finding what works for you is quite easy. Remember the products or services you opt to use should be within a reasonable price range and have no side effects such as sensitivity.

Sensitive enamel is an issue faced by a lot of people in society today. There’s no single cause as it could be as a result of several issues including the use of whiteners, lifestyle choices such as smoking and diseases.

Whatever the reason it’s essential to have the following in mind:

Risks & Concerns

There are risks and concerns involved which cannot be ignored. Whether it’s between an enamel health product or service it’s important to understand the following:

  • Dental products such as whiteners are quite good and very safe but only when used as instructed and in the right amounts. Not all whiteners will work for everyone, and therefore there’s need to familiarize with your preferences. Knowing which products will suit your lifestyle, and using the product correctly there’s minimal risk of you experiencing side effects such as sensitive enamels. It also ensures that you stay safe.
  • Acquiring a dentist’s service from time to time is expected. However, one must be careful with the people they choose. Research extensively, only settling for an accredited and professional person. There is growing concern in certain parts of America and Europe that individuals are getting these services from beauticians. Not only aren’t they qualified but it’s playing cat and mouse with your health which is risky.


“Root sensitivity”… “Dentin hypersensitivity” or what we commonly refer to as a sensitive tooth is an issue that a lot of us struggle within society today. It’s estimated that approximately 50% of the population suffer from it. It’s a pain you experience when you take hot, cold or acidic foods.

The problem is so severe that it can stop you from eating or drinking your favorite food or beverage, affects the quality of your smile or even denies you the opportunity to whiten.

It’s not a permanent condition though and therefore reversible. There are varieties of enamel solutions in the market designed for that specific challenge.

They aim at minimizing the sensitive effect. However, there are items we use such as whiteners that can increase the pain. In such cases, either you didn’t select a compatible solution or aren’t applying as per the instructions. There are products and medical procedures that can help give relief.

Should I Whiten My Sensitive Teeth and Gums?

Whitening for Tooth

Sensitive gums and enamels can affect the quality of your lifestyle especially when you don’t have all the facts at hand. Often at times, you’ll come across somebody asking if they should whiten their sensitive enamel and gums.

Our answer is yes, it’s very doable but caution must be exercised since it’s not a black and white matter. The reality is you can hurt yourself even further in case you use the wrong product or service.

Wrong and right are relative here, which means right implies an item that will complement your needs and preferences while wrong is anything that can lead side effects.

Whitening and sensitivity are closely interconnected concepts. When we first started using whiteners, we developed sensitivity which automatically made us shy away from them. However, after some consultations with our dentist and doing research we discovered that there is no need to stop.

There are different ways to have your enamels whitened which include the simple easy to use whiteners or through a dental procedure. Whichever option you chose to use the essential thing is get one compatible with you. That means getting one that doesn’t offer side effects such sensitivity.

Chances are that you’ll end up curing sensitivity in the process. In our case, the dentist offered solutions to treat it, after which we could whiten without developing any complications. Today, the products you get come with solutions to address the problem. They are also well buffered to ensure that the bleaching agent doesn’t hurt your enamel.

How to Prepare Your Teeth Before Whitening?

Preparing to Whiten

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a variety of whitening options at your disposal, the challenge is finding the one that is ideal for you. Once you’ve identified which product you’ll be using the next step is knowing and having a thorough understanding of the application procedures.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or are using dental services, there are steps you’ll have to follow if you want to avoid sensitive tooth and other unwanted side effects.

Whitening products have an advantage over other options. It’s because they are easy to use, safe and less costly. That’s if you are aware of what to look for when purchasing one.

The majority start with first brushing, preferably with a less abrasive brush and anti-sensitivity toothpaste. That way when you apply the whitening agent the exposed dentin doesn’t develop sensitivity.

If you’re going for a dental procedure, you’ll need to have a talk with your dentist regarding time and finances. It takes time before the actual process. First, they’ll have to clean removing tartar and other residues that brushing naturally won’t remove. After this, you will use desensitizing paste before the procedure.

So how can you prepare? With either procedure research is needed to find the best option, cleaning is necessary to achieve the desired results and finally using desensitizing toothpaste for relief.

These three steps are essential if you’re to be successful and without exposing yourself to discomfort. Whether you experience sensitivity or not, following these steps is crucial.

Our Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a beautiful smile and so do we. However, at times we tend to hide our smiles because we lack the confidence to show our teeth. In most cases, it’s because we feel embarrassed by their state. When whitening was first introduced to the market, it was a clear sign that our prayers were finally answered.

We could finally smile both literary and figuratively. Even more interesting is that there are different alternatives of which there is one that can fit your needs. Sensitivity has, however, become a challenge, but some products minimize it.

In this article, the focus is on top whiteners that can perfectly work for sensitive individuals. Bella laboratories, Alta and Idol White, are among the best options available in the market.

We found they offer professional results after regular use. They are affordable and easy to use. These products do more than just whiten; they also clean removing plaque and tartar.

A sensitive tooth is not a valid reason to have discolored teeth anymore. Try a variety of whitening solutions that can also help without such side effects. Get the perfect bright smile with ease!

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