Top Rated Charcoal Teeth Whiteners Reviewed (2022 Updated)

Maintaining perfect oral health is crucial for your overall well-being. However, most of the time we are obsessed with the aesthetics of our teeth, and we want to have the perfect white smile that can be a part of any commercial related to teeth products.

Luckily, there is an inexpensive and natural whitener that can help you get the smile of your dreams. For that purpose, let us introduce his majesty, the activated charcoal.

Applying this whitener is easy. The best way to use it is to apply it on your brush and start brushing the stains away.

With just a few brushing every day, you will get the desired result. To save you from the trouble of spending too much time on looking for the right one, we have been reviewing whiteners and found possible solutions.

We Reviewed the 3 Best Charcoal Products for Teeth Whitening

Active Bright – Excellent Product



  • Easy and safe to apply it
  • It works for every stain
  • Enriched with peppermint essential oil
  • Compatible with electric and regular brushes

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Nowadays, the Active Bright – Ideal whitener might be the most popular whitener on the market. Its best and most desirable trait is its ability to be applied quickly.

You can just dip the brush into it and brush your teeth in small circles for approximately 2 minutes. After that, all you need to do is to rinse the residual, and you’re done.

It works well for every stain no matter if it’s a wine, coffee, tobacco or a tea stain and the results can be visible immediately after the first use.

The powder’s secret ingredients are the activated coconut charcoal and the organic essential oils from orange, coconut, and peppermint. The oils contribute to the fresh and minty feeling.

You may use it with regular and electric toothbrushes, but it’s recommended not to use it with your ordinary toothbrush. One jar of it can last for about three months and the expected time of the new one’s shipping is about 3-6 weeks due to changes in demand, but the company has positive reviews on its customer service.

Why Does Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

Pearly White

Before we continue listing the activated charcoal’s benefits, we want to outline the difference between this one and the one that you’re using at barbeques. It’s entirely different than that one, and it’s made by being exposed to the high-pressure gas and high temperature.

As a consequence, they create pockets into it which gives it a vast volume.

Created as such, it can absorb significant amounts of other substances. Thanks to the pockets of its particles it will efficiently absorb the toxins which will stick to the charcoal’s surface. So, having that in mind, you can notice that it’s pretty useful for whitening your teeth.

When you brush it onto them, it will attract all of the bacteria, plaque and any residuals to stick to it so that you may quickly rinse it afterward.

In addition to its excellent absorbing abilities, the charcoal is effective in changing the pH environment in your mouth, and as a consequence, it can be beneficial for improving the oral health.

It is capable of killing all of the bacteria that is present in your mouth, especially in the tooth decay and it can prevent the cause of cavities.

Also, some people are ingesting this active substance because they believe in its purifying capabilities. Once it’s ingested, it’s capable of clearing the toxins from your body which is another proof that it’s capable of whitening your teeth.

Top Ingredients

Black Powder Cleaning Tooth

When making the whitener, the product creators want to experiment with additional ingredients that will make the whitener more attractive and a bit tastier. Charcoal by itself is tasteless and by adding other ingredients not only they will improve its taste, but it will also help with the bacteria and stain elimination.

Each product has the signature ingredient that makes it unique in a way. In our case with the Active-Bright Ideal, that’s the coconut ingredient. Other favorite ingredients are the different essential oils that are in charge of giving it a fresh feel. Also, there are other ingredients like cinnamon, lemon, peppermint, cloves, etc. Active charcoal makers tend to use natural components to improve their product’s quality.

Is it Safe?

Safe To Use For Whitening

As it is becoming popular and it fascinates many users with their capability, there are a lot of discussions on the product’s safety properties. As a lot of people are using it, there are a lot of warnings that due to its abrasive characteristics, it has the potential to damage your enamel and your gums.

However, even though it may cause the enamel to become thinner when used in the recommended dosage, charcoal won’t harm your overall oral health. Probably the worst case scenario that can happen is that it won’t have any effect and your teeth will stay the same as before the whitener was applied.

If you are concerned that it may have a negative impact, then you should use it less frequently, and if you notice any wear on the enamel, you can apply regular toothpaste for a couple of minutes.

Our Final Thoughts

Whiteners come in different forms, such as toothpaste, powders and even strips. All of them are widely present on the market and are popular among the consumers. The charcoal is effective in improving, perfecting your teeth’s aesthetics and will prevent you from bacterial build-up. Due to its absorbing capabilities, it will successfully remove any toxins from your mouth and will contribute a lot to your oral health.

Each product is enriched with additional ingredients such as essential oils and other organic ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, lemon, etc. You can get the best results by just applying it on your toothbrush and by quickly brushing your teeth.

We believe that charcoal whiteners won’t let you stop smiling and we hope that with our review we have contributed to your decision-making process for making the right choice.

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